here are the fixtures for the rest of the 2021-22 season

In the meantime. Stay fit, stay healthy and stay safe. 


I have added the columns for officials for the home games.


Ref Date Day Home Away Time venue Ref 1 Ref 2 Scorer
M6 09/01/2022 Sunday NPC Raiders 4:00 PM Hindi Centre
13/01/2022 Thursday Ladies Kingsthorpe 7:00 PM Pemberton Kyle Aaron Sam
M23 20/01/2022 Thursday Rebels Falcons 7:00 PM Pemberton Aidan Kyle Aaron
L20 23/01/2022 Sunday GNG 4 Ladies 2:00 PM Trinity Arts & Leisure
M13 27/01/2022 Thursday Raiders GNG 2 7:00 PM Pemberton Konrad Sam Sophie
L13 03/02/2022 Thursday Ladies GNG 4 7:00 PM Pemberton Edgars Harry Toby
M8 13/02/2022 Sunday GNG 1 Raiders 2:00 PM Trinity Arts & Leisure
M36 13/02/2022 Sunday Falcons Rebels 5:30 PM Buccleugh Academy
L6 20/02/2022 Sunday Falcons Ladies 5:30 PM Buccleugh Academy
M3 24/02/2022 Thursday Raiders MK City 7:00 PM Pemberton Piotr Toby Robyn
L9 27/02/2022 Sunday Northampton Ladies 12:30 PM Moulton College
M41 27/02/2022 Sunday Northampton Rebels 3:00 PM Moulton College
03/03/2022 Thursday Ladies Falcons 7:00 PM Pemberton Greg Shaun Ethan
M25 10/03/2022 Thursday Rebels MK City 7:00 PM Pemberton Loz Gery Katie C
L16 17/03/2022 Thursday Ladies Northampton 7:00 PM Pemberton Konrad Istvan Aidan
18/03/2022 Friday GNG 2 Raiders 7:15 PM Trinity Arts & Leisure
M1 31/03/2022 Thursday Raiders NPC 7:00 PM Pemberton Greg Harry Roberta
M24 07/04/2022 Thursday Rebels Northampton 7:00 PM Pemberton Edgars Katie B Shaun
L14 28/04/2022 Thursday Ladies MK City 7:00 PM Pemberton Loz Piotr Kyle
05/05/2022 Thursday Rebels Kingsthorpe 7:00 PM Pemberton Aidan Kyle Becky
M10 TBC TBC MK City Raiders
M46 TBC TBC MK City Rebels
L3 TBC TBC MK City Ladies
TBC TBC Kingsthorpe Rebels
TBC TBC Kingsthorpe Ladies

 If you want to volunteer for more officiating than you are down for then let me know.