Junior Development

Heads up.

Junior sessions are 3-4pm on Sunday afternoons at the Pemberton Centre. 

Older Juniors are welcome to come to the club sessions on Friday nights.



Anybody interested in assisting with the junior section should contact the head coach Neil Bates to find the way forward.

Shopping for kit.

For Hoodies, sweatshirts and team strips seethe link on the home page.

Several parents have asked where they can get hold of balls and kneepads.
The following are suppliers who we have dealt with in the past.






We do not have any agreements for discount set up with either company but if we place a sizeable order the club can benefit. 

If you are a junior please talk to your sports teacher at school and see if you can get them to let you having a go at volleyball. The more people interested in playing the better chance of good games.

Volleyball is one of the worlds most played team sports after football with major leagues played in mainland Europe, the Far East and the America's

With most of the introduction to the game coming through schools.

so lets start on the road to catching up!!

Can you dig it!!