It is our intention for all senior players to be CRB checked so that may assist with juniors who attend the club sessions.

Senior Players

Neil Bates             setter              head coach  level2        CRB 
Darren Bates         outside hitter                                     CRB
Rik Haycock          middle hitter
Russell Bates           setter              
Andrew Turner      outside hitter
Ian Greaves          middle hitter      assistant coach  level 2  CRB

Keith Barnett         utility player
Jay Whittaker         outside hitter
Rob Hollemans       utility player
Greg Kilpin             utility player
Christian Miles        utility player
Aiden Woolridge     middle hitter
Piotr Kusek            outside hitter
Loz Denton            middle hitter
Alberto Leon          middle hitter
Ted Crofts             utility player
Mark Schmidt        outside hitter
Pavel Sobin           utility player
Bill Donaldson       utility player

Jana Dix            middle hitter
Amy Heafield     middle hitter
Robyn Foward   outside hitter
Becky Stabler    outside hitter
Lucky Ekins       setter
Indre Stankeviciute


Junior Players

Kierran Bates
Katie Bates
Oliver Bunting
Stanley Bunting
Alex Mortimer
Charlotte Passmore 

Susan Walker                                                                   CRB