Turnhout 2009

Raiders in Retie from Neil Bates on Vimeo.

After the game some old git's still smiling



When in Belgium adopt the Kurt pose 


If you can't make the pose relax outside on a pleasant evening 


 If it's too quiet outside nip in for 3hrs of KEEN (Bingo)

the wait

Let them have it Mikeala 


On the setters head Rachel rach

 You serve the ball in like this!!DB serve


dolly mixtures






the look 

end of 

Perranporth 2009 

Greavsie proving life's a beach



New kid on the block 


 Is Karsten havin a beach hair day? perranporth 3

perranporth 4 

Ladies pick up something to bring home 

perranporth 5

Impromptu campsite!! 

perranporth 6

Thanks to Darren, Ian and Sue for the photos.


NVA 2008

nva1 nva2

Go on where is he? Is he big and scarey??                       "Now ther I was and these spiders crawled on my legs"

nva3 nva4

Okay! who's on their toes                                               "Now let's get this right! When they serve the ball
                                                                                     we dig it !!" 

nva5 SPOT the ball.

The Northants end of season tournaments were held this year at Cranfield University.

The men's division comprised of Northampton, Kingsthorpe, Cranfield, Higham Falcons, Rushden Raiders, MK City and Polish VB.
The ladies section was not quie as well supported, Leicester, Falcons, Northampton, Raiders Youths and Bits and Pieces.

After a few minor hiccups both sections got underway. The games in the mens section were all close affairs with some very good volleyball being played. Many of the games ended 1 set all though it was Kingsthorpe that managed to shade the victory from the Cranfield University side. The Mens' MVP went to Andy Lord of the Falcons.

On the ladies side, it was clear from the off that it was going to be between Leicester and the Falcons. After 10 sets, and a lot of hard work it was Liecester that shaded it in the final. the MVP went to Jake Shuttleworth from the Raiders Youth who's work rate and positive attitude was a shining example for others.


Is this where did you put the keys or the funky chicken?


kent hit


sumo hitting

Is it a bird?





2007 Perranporth, Cranfield, Gloucester

Summer 2007 was a reasonably successful one for the club 

Perranporth Tournament.  Winners of the beach 4's

Cranfield Mixed Tournament. Winners

Gloucester Tournament. Mens division 1 plate winners


 attack GIVE IT TO ME

After the attrocious weather the tournament at Gloucester went ahead.
The bottom area of the field was still underwater and there was a strange aroma in the air. The team was entered in the mens division 1 and was due to play in pool a on court 1 and 1A. Only problem was there was no 1A. As it happened it would have probably been better if there hadn't have been a court 1A. We lost the first two games 2-0 the next two 2-1 and finally broke the duck in the last game of the day.
On the Sunday one player down the team managed to turn it round and come home plate winners.


The Raiders once again made their pilgrimage back to the cornish coast and on this occasion they were able to come back with the booty. They didn't bring the trophy back as this is not let out of the county. The weather on hte Friday and Saturday was nice for a chnage but for the main event on the Sunday it changed. The wind blew and the rain appeared. What a surprise for the summer!! Yet the old heads from Midlands were able to combat the conditions and took the final. Due to the bad weather there are no photos of this tournament this year.

The Northants Volleyball Association Outdoor Tournament Cranfield

Mixed tournament Cranfield 2007 from Neil Bates on Vimeo.



After a year off the tournament returned to Cranfield University. Unfortunately the poor weather forecast reduced the number of teams.
Rushden and MK City took two teams and Falcons one. Raiders and MK City used the tournament as a platform for their Junior players.
As the players assembled at the start of the day the heavens opened and it didn't look good. But a bit of belief goes a long way.
The games got underway as the rain subsided. The format was best of three sets up to 25. Some of the games were more competitive than others. Pick of the Group games were Raiders 1 v Falcons and MK2 v Raiders 2. In the former, it was a tight 3 setter with set 2 going to 33-31. The Raiders youngsters Christian and Hanna Miles were sharing the setting duties and some of the hitting. Rachel Walker making her debut for the Raiders served well. However it was the older heads of Chris Gore and Nick Epiphianou that were able to take the Falcons to victory. In the other match it was the battle of the youngsters MK City 2 and Raiders 2. MK took the first set with some good defensive work Alex Cahill was regularly throwing himself around the court chasing seemingly lost causes. He was not alone in this and Layne Walker was also often retrieving from the floor. Raiders found a bit of form in the second set with good serving from Natasha and Mikaela Bates. On the front court young Aiden and Ageing Greavsie were making the most of their height and the windy conditions. In the 3rd set change around again, with the wind at her back Caity Kelly had a good run of serves as the Raiders dig struggled. MK took the set and the game.
With the top 2 teams playing off in the final it was not a surprise to see Falcons as one team and Raiders 1 as the other. Having picked up in an injury in the last group game Geoff Miles was unable to take his place on court. However it was decided that Neil Bates would be a fair replacement. With Falcons winning the toss and deciding to serve they got off to a good start. This was clawed back with some good defensive work from Christian and Neil. Dave Hutchinson opting for placement instead of power picked up numerous points. With the sun blazing down, the high serves were swirling in the wind, this caused havoc with the Falcons first ball and Nick Epiphianou was not getting the hitting options of the earlier group game. At the business end of the set, sideouts were coming thick and fast. It was Hanna Miles that managed to get the set point at 27-25. In the second set Raiders got off to a good start taking a 6 point lead through good blocking from Dave Hutch and Christian. Nick Epiphianou pulled Falcons back into it the set with some vicious dipping serves into the wind, far too good the Raiders youngsters, ironic that the run was broken with a straight return dig. The game continued with a lot of diving around on both sides yet it was the Raiders that took the set and the match. 
The weather was glorious as the game finished and all involved agreed that it was a fun day even if it was a little breezy.  


2006 Perranporth, Gloucester 




2005 Perranporth, Poole and Weymouth.
The photographs show this trip to Perranporth where Raiders had success in the Men's pairs (1st and 3rd), Ladies (1st) and Over 50 (1st).
The long weekend was as much fun as ever and our camp site just a short walk from the beach made a great base for the event.
We were able to enter teams from all parts of the club and our juniors aquitted themselves well in both the ladies and mens tournaments.